Taraxa Community Update — November 2020.

➕ The Product: first application on Taraxa.

We’re happy to see Marinate launch a full-fledged platform that uses Taraxa’s immutable audit log to make everyday business agreements easily trackable and accountable. You can go check it out on Google Play or try out the desktop app at app.marinate.io. Let us know your feedback on Twitter!

Marinate is just one example of how cryptographic data anchoring and tamper-proof audit trails can keep operations in sync at a lower cost and much higher speed. All our infrastructure solutions add clarity and auditability to any process, boosting operational efficiency by orders of magnitude. A transparent audit trail that doesn’t disrupt your IT stack will let you consistently audit operations and build a whole new trust level between departments and organizations.

➕ The Community: engaging early testnet participants.

We’re about to roll out broader community engagement activities around the testnet and our first flagship application for developers, node operators, and validators. For all the devs out there — we’re hiring remotely for a range of mid-level developer roles, all the latest openings at https://angel.co/company/taraxa/jobs.

In the tweets:

➕ The Tech: Taraxa public testnet up and running.

Taraxa public testnet is stable and sound, with ~200,000 blocks generated so far. You can check out the sandbox here.

This month, we added advanced node syncing functionalities, fixed the node delegation bug, and made some crucial DAG-VDF optimizations. Developers will soon be able to set up a Taraxa node and test out the preliminary EVM-integration. Smart contract deployment, the block explorer to visualize DAG, and Metamask wallet integration are up next on the ledger roadmap.

Get in touch to learn more about Taraxa’s applications, follow us on Twitter for announcements and product updates, and chat with our team on Telegram.



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