Join Taraxa Ambassador Program!

Passionate about crypto communities? This is your chance to join our exclusive global network of Taraxa Ambassadors.

Olga Grinina
2 min readJun 1, 2021


Grow and learn with Taraxa!

We’re excited to announce the Taraxa Ambassador program — our massive initiative to drive awareness, involve, and spotlight local communities of Taraxa supporters. This is your chance to learn from our core team, get priority access to rewards and open jobs, and many more exclusive offerings available only to local ambassadors.

How to get involved.

The application process will run from June 1 to June 15. To apply, you’ll need to fill out an onboarding form and share your experience and background. We will select two individuals/entities per country, and form a Telegram group where we’ll be giving instructions, guidelines, and share learning materials with all our ambassadors.

Who can apply?

Content creators, influencers, developers — we want you all! If you believe that your experience in crypto and network of connections can be useful to promote Taraxa in your region, please go ahead and apply. We see this program as a unique opportunity for all our Ambassadors to grow and connect on a global level.

What’s in the box: tasks and incentives.

Once the onboarding process is over, we’ll have a list of monthly tasks (and even let you choose one optional task to compete for extra rewards!), give a walkthrough, and distribute a monthly grant to all ambassadors. Tasks will vary from technical bounties and development input to creating content and hosting local events, sourcing local influencers, or media platforms. Some sample tasks include:

  • Host a local Taraxa event.
  • Create content: blogs, vids, graphics.
  • Running and moderating a telegram group in your language.
  • Sourcing local influencers, exchanges, events, and other partners.
  • Attending blockchain meetups/events and speaking on all things related to Taraxa.
  • Translating AMAs, YouTube videos, Social Media content
  • Testing Taraxa’s tech stack and providing feedback to our core team.
  • Suggesting new features and improvements on UX.

Ambassadors will also be able to suggest their own type of task and only need to coordinate with our core team. The ambassadors will be able to post and track their ongoing campaigns in their profiles on our community site.


The Ambassador rewards will be performance-based and distributed monthly depending on the quality and engagement. A monthly total reward pool is 100, 000 TARA. We will also have a special achievement bonus allocated to the Best Ambassador of the month.

Disclaimer: U.S.-based individuals and entities are excluded from token-based rewards, and are only eligible for non-token forms of incentivization. To be able to participate, each entrant will need to pass the KYC process.



Olga Grinina