How to claim your $TARA.

Welcome to the TARA Claim Site! Our token claim portal lets the community members and token sale inventors claim their tokens. To use it, you need to install the Metamask extension to your browser, or the Metamask app.

After you created or imported your wallet, navigate to You will now see the amount of your TARA that you can claim to your wallet address. You can either choose to claim all the tokens right away, or wait till you earn more and come back claim more later.

Please keep in mind that the gas cost on the Ethereum network is pretty high, you can refer to to view the current price. We recommend you use the standard value.

NOTE: Once you click CLAIM, a claim request will be generated and you won’t be able to claim more tokens, till the current request is fulfilled. If you chose to wait till you have more tokens on your balance, you can claim them all at once.

To view your TARA balance in Metamask, open the ASSETS tab and click Add Token -> Custom Token.

Click on the CUSTOM TOKEN tab and add the following address in the Token Contract Address field: 0xf001937650bb4f62b57521824b2c20f5b91bea05

NOTE: Symbol and Precision are detected automatically.

After you click Next, your TARA balance will show up in Metamask.



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