Ecosystem Tech Update.

Fixing the PBFT vote syncing and phase-locking.

To prepare for the launch of block rewards on the Taraxa testnet, our core developer team has been busy fixing the PBFT vote syncing and phase-locking.

  • Debugged and fixed the PBFT next voting two values in the same step.
  • Implemented next votes for the previous PBFT round class and next votes syncing, integrated with the PBFT manager.
  • Implemented next votes read/write in DB APIs and added unit tests.
  • Processed the synced next votes. If a node is behind the peer, push the synced next votes into the unverified queue. If a node has the same PBFT round with the peer but a short previous next votes size, verify the votes and update the previous next votes structure.
  • Fixed saving PBFT (2T+1) for each round in DB.
  • Fixed the next voting phase-locking and bundle syncing issue.
  • Implemented the PBFT broadcasting next phase votes bundle for the previous round.

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