New refactors and bug fixes to Aphrogenes testnet, more work on the application layer.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Testing running status packet corrupted at local. Running five nodes with 10 TPS cannot reproduce at local for running 5+ hours.
  • Fixed block DAG syncing issue.
  • WIP: implementing the embedded config management in the Taraxa node.

Application: Marinate’s UX and open API.

  • Onboarded Circle CI to streamline the code pipeline.
  • Separate testing and core dump for nodes.
  • Fixes to Jenkins CI, work on migration to Circle CI.
  • Fixes to the Community Site, new site release now live.
  • Finished the Flutter routing.
  • Finalizing the state manager.
  • Finished the App Bar for unauthenticated users.
  • WIP: the App Bar for authenticated users.
  • Migrating the Pending page.
  • Done with the…

Welcome to TBC! This is our call for all the blockchain enthusiasts, techies, and nerds out there :)

A book club, really?

We believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to engage with our followers and create value for the Taraxa Community. We also believe that the best products are built through collaboration, that’s why we always take a community-centered approach for new features. So who knows maybe your takes and opinions during our sessions will yield the next big insight!

Join us this Thursday!

The first session is scheduled for this Thursday, April 14, at 8 AM Pacific Time. To kick things off, we’ll give a quick overview of one of the first works on blockchain technology in Japan, co-authored by our CEO Steven…

Last week, we asked you to guess our next integration partner Chainlink, and so you played, reposted, and tagged. Here’s the list of those who guessed it right!

DAY 1: hint ‘BLUE’ — 500 TARA prize:


DAY 2: hint ‘MEET-UP BUDDIES’-200 TARA prize:


DAY 3: hint ‘TIMESTAMP’- 50 TARA prize:

To claim your prize, please DM us on Twitter with your email address!

New refactors and bug fixes on Aphrogenes testnet’s consensus, more work on the application layer.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Dropped all the network incoming votes that voted round less than the current PBFT round.
  • Optimized the previous PBFT round next votes manager to only save votes with the vote value greater/equal to 2t+1 number of votes.
  • Finished the vote manager refactoring, pull request sent for review.


  • Finished the wallet service migration, started the broker service for Mongo DB.
  • Working on Prometheus-Grafana upgrade and Alerts / Alerts Manager.
  • Ported the screens to Flutter, working on Flutter routing and state manager.
  • Working on the core dump for Jenkins CI and public testnet.
  • Working on Taraxa-node helm chart migration.

Learn more about our technology here.

Check out Taraxa Block Explorer, Sandbox, or set up a node to become our node operator/validator and start earning block rewards.

Today we open Round One of TARA points redemption for our Community members. Read this carefully to claim your points!

We’re excited to announce that the Taraxa community points are now available for redemption! Before you claim your points, please carefully read this guide.

  1. Currently, you can redeem your points once a month only. The first redemption round opens on April 9, and you need to meet the KYC criteria to be able to claim.
  2. The designated wallet for TARA points redemption is MetaMask, so you will need to have your wallet with an Ethereum address set up.

TARA point redemption happens in three steps:

Step 1: Check your number of points April 12, 11 AM (UTC).

Step 2: Pass KYC: April 9, 12 PM — April 13, 12 PM UTC.

Step 3: Claim your TARA points: April 13, 12 PM – April 18, 12 PM UTC.

To claim your points, please follow these steps. …

Taraxa is excited to announce the ongoing work towards integrating a timestamp oracle solution using the world’s leading decentralized oracle provider, Chainlink. This will provide the Taraxa blockchain with a decentralized and trusted source of time for all informal transactional agreements, enabling Taraxa’s smart contracts to leverage real-time (pun intended) data feeds from sources such as NIST as a means of assigning timestamps to anchored transactions in its audit log.

How Chainlink’s Decentralized Timestamp Oracles Benefit Taraxa’s Use Cases.

The Chainlink-powered decentralized timestamp oracles will verify the chain of custody for off-chain transactions and the timing of data commitments anchored into the Taraxa ledger. …

In the run-up to our yet the biggest partnership release, we’d like to revist the current state of our Ecosystem.

Why track informal transactions?

In our hyper-connected world, individuals and businesses remain vulnerable to the confusion associated with off-chain data and informal daily agreements between buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, clients and contractors, companies and employees. At the same time, even with today’s abundance of messengers and collaboration suites, there’s still no handy way to keep track of those offline deals that are made every day through talking, calling, and texting — from trivial pay-upon receipt services and parenthood or property relations to auto repairs, employment relations, or simply signing off on an invoice. …

This past week we’ve merged new performance improvements, refactors, and bug fixes both to the network and the application layers. On to the updates!

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Optimized the networking proposed PBFT block gossip and PBFT chain syncing;
  • Implemented unverified and verified votes table;
  • Saved all votes voted greater or equal to PBFT round in DB;
  • WIP: optimizing the previous round of next vote transmission.


  • Logic migration from the current backend API to open API;
  • Started with Mongo migration on wallet service, creating models and connecting to the cluster;
  • Started looking at Flutter;
  • Defining migration steps from backend services to start using Mongo DB;
  • Researching the Nsqd client adaptation to initially support the old functionality and later use it on the blockchain
  • Fixed the issue with the…

We’re starting a new series to spotlight our brilliant team members! This week, we welcome Leo who’s been working for Consensys prior to joining Taraxa’s distributed team.

Talk about what you do in your role?

I’m an Ecosystem Engineer working on all public-facing parts of the project as well as various integrations with other platforms and clients. This role is perfect for me because I have experience both in developing Solidity smart contracts and building web apps.

UniCask is a joint venture formed by Japan Import Systems, one of the largest spirits trading companies in Japan, announced today that they’ve signed a commercial collaboration with Taraxa to help build confidence in their spirits ownership tracking solution, scheduled to launch in spring of 2021.

UniCask was founded to make tracking rare and collectible spirits simple and secure, enabled by blockchain technology. Since the actual spirits are remotely stored in professional facilities, Unicask wanted to ensure that owners have the highest confidence in the location and status of their assets. …

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