We’re very close to launching our first incentivized testnet, but before we do we want to make sure there are no critical, network-breaking problems. We’re now fixing node synching to make it stable and eliminate interruptions in block finalization. To make the node’s output more readable, we’re also working on a web-based UI.

If you’d like to help us pre-test, you can now run a Taraxa node and share your feedback /report the bugs in the dedicated Discord thread:

  1. You…

Testnet node syncing, more work on Marinate’s API.

Consensus and node syncing:

  • Debugged the testnet’s no progress on blocks finalization issue.
  • Fixed the PBFT identify bug: the invalid leader block.
  • Terminated the PBFT voting value when the voted value is not valid or waited 5+ rounds.
  • Added the waiting node initial status packets passed when launching the nodes for unit test.
  • Fixed the unit tests NetworkTest.send_pbft_block in dynamic checking, NetworkTest.save_network, transfer_vote and vote_broadcast.

Application - Marinate’s open API:

  • Wired up the UI with new endpoints in Flutter.
  • Refactoring the pagination and limit for Project and Record services.
  • Project service: auto-generated a tag on createProject endpoint, added the getProject endpoint functionality.
  • Record service: fixed the assignToProject endpoint and…

Full-on preparation for the testnet launch, Ambassador Program, and more!


We’ve been focused on debugging the Californicum testnet ahead of the official launch. With more work done on node syncing and consensus, we’re now in the final stage of testing. If you’d like to help us out ahead of the official launch, head over to our dedicated Discord channel: https://t.co/RdwtvMYJXe


We’ve been building out Marinate’s open API to make future integrations with messengers and chat apps possible. Telegram app is first on our list, and we’re now ready to release a bot that will make it possible to track all interactions, links, and metadata in channels to then…

Passionate about crypto communities? This is your chance to join our exclusive global network of Taraxa Ambassadors.

Grow and learn with Taraxa!

We’re excited to announce the Taraxa Ambassador program — our massive initiative to drive awareness, involve, and spotlight local communities of Taraxa supporters. This is your chance to learn from our core team, get priority access to rewards and open jobs, and many more exclusive offerings available only to local ambassadors.

How to get involved.

The application process will run from June 1 to June 15. To apply, you’ll need to fill out an onboarding form and share your experience and background. …

Getting closer to the launch of the Californicum testnet.

  • Debugged the vote manager to only save votes for the most recent PBFT rounds and protect from malicious players' attacks that send votes in the future rounds.
  • Check the DAG genesis hash in the config and in DB when a node starts.
  • Fixed votes unverified queue and DB consistent issue.
  • Removed the last PBFT block hash for the VRF vote sortition.
  • Ignore the peer packets if peers’ initial status packet not received. Fixed node attempts to sync with peers running on the wrong node version.
  • Defined new embedded documents for some models in Mongo DB.
  • Research setting up a test…

In the run up to the testnet launch, we’ve been fixing bugs and polishing up node syncing.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Debugged the testnet and fixed the next phase votes syncing issues:

- Only update vrf_pbft_chain_last_block_hash_ at the start of a round, or when syncing PBFT blocks into the chain;

- Whenever updating vrf_pbft_chain_last_block_hash_ due to syncing need to remove all verified votes since the last PBFT block hash has been changed;

- Checked any bundle of 2t+1 votes to be internally consistent. All have the same last PBFT block hash for VRF sortition.

  • Fixed the bug incorrectly handle peers with the wrong network version or the DAG genesis hash.
  • Fixed the bug not to update VRF-PBFT’s last block hash when…

The problem with the automotive supply chain.

Supply chains today are plagued with points of weakness where counterfeit or substandard quality inputs can compromise the integrity of the end product. For instance, quality assurance and certification in the automotive parts sector require heightened vigilance and transparency to ensure that safety and quality standards aren’t compromised.

Due to the complex business environments and high incentive for counterfeits, automotive parts quality assurance & certifications are coming under increasing pressure to maintain their integrity. Innumerable informal transactions occur during factory inspections, assembly line certifications, and shipment spot checks between manufacturers, logistics service providers, and OEM representatives.

How Marinate solves it.

Our client is a…

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Implemented the DPOS delegation weighted votes.
  • Debugged the devnet stalled issue, added more diagnostic logs to debug the node connected with unknown addresses.
  • Found the PBFT stuck at networking broadcast next votes for 12 mins lots of DAG blocks syncing. Fixed the PBFT/DAG syncing to every 100 PBFT steps.

Application: Marinate’s UX and API.

  • Refactored the BE service user endpoints for the email functionality.
  • Tested the wallet, broker and server micro services integration on local.
  • Backup of the legacy server code.
  • New UI screens: polishing up the components.
  • WIP: cleaning MySQL usages through SQLAlchemy;
  • WIP: setting up different ways to use Mongo Atlas for STG…

We continue our series with someone who’s been on the social media frontline talking to you guys on Telegram, Discord, and Reddit every day — our Comms Lead, Shawn.

I’m the US Community Lead, which basically means I head all of the communities besides China, which we have an awesome dedicated Community Manager for. I’ve been working at Taraxa for a year and a half now, and I do lots of things — from responding to questions on Telegram, to talking to companies & stakeholders regarding partnerships.

What have you been up to before getting into blockchain?

Honestly, not a whole lot! …

  • Fixed unit tests timing issue;
  • Fixed DPOS future block exception handling;
  • Fixed merge conflicts in refactor vote manager;
  • Merged DPOS proposal period with DAG levels mapping and Vote Manager Refactor into develop branch;
  • WIP: implementing the embed config management command in a Taraxa node;
  • WIP: implementing the DPOS delegation weighted votes in PBFT;
  • Debugging the devnet PBFT stalled issue: discovered that was caused by slow networking packet transmission — one vote transmission took 19 mins between send and receive
  • Added JWT on BE service to communicate with open API;
  • Tested user registration and login from open API with BE endpoints;

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