A hardfork on the testnet to fix the dynamic difficulty problems that slow the network down.

Node operations and consensus:

We just deployed a hardfork that aims to fix the dynamic difficulty problems we’ve been experiencing on the testnet, causing large oscillations that could make producing a DAG block extremely difficult, thus significantly slowing the network down:

  • Investigated and debugged the PBFT stalled issue.
  • Reverted the PBFT exponential backoff in…

Investigating and debugging some new issues that have to do mainly with staking delegation.

Testnet node operations:

With the latest upgrade to the mainnet candidate, we’ve been investigating and debugging some new issues that have to do mainly with staking delegation:

  • PBFT blocks proposal rate change depending on the number of stakes, not every delegation node has the same proposal rate anymore.
  • Monitoring the overall mainnet candidate…

Looking back at the major achievements of the year, and gearing up for the future!

👥 🔛Community: tokensale, exchange listings, AMAs.

2021 was a big year for us, but there’s one thing that shines a bit brighter than the rest: our stellar Taraxa Community. The major event of Q1 was the public sale of TARA token, followed by the first exchange listings on KuCoin, BitMax, and Gate.io:

After the token…

More fixes to the testnet, gearing up for the launch! Ho-ho-ho!

Testnet node operations:

This week we were hard at work debugging and investigating multiple testnet issues:

  • Implemented a hotfix for the race condition between the DAG structure that’s stored in memory and DB being out of sync specifically in terms of whether or not they’re finalized.
  • Monitored the PBFT progress, debugged, and downloaded…

Resolving some PBFT block production and block proposal issues, more work on the social listening assistant.

Testnet node operations:

  • Debugged and investigated on the testnet is down issue, monitoring the PBFT progress in all of our consensus nodes.
  • Checked and investigated the binomial distribution for PBFT blocks proposal rate, and PBFT blocks production rate for all delegation players.
  • Added a binary search for the binomial distribution, in order to…

Fixing some PBDT finalization issues, more work on the social listening app.

Testnet node operations:

  • Ran a local node on the updated testnet, monitoring PBFT progress.
  • Debugged and investigated on why the PBFT blocks finalization takes a bit longer to reach consensus, while the PBFT rounds are making progress pretty quick, found three issues that might affect that:
    1. DAG blocks proposal rate is low.

Growing the Californicum testnet: 600+ nodes synced and producing blocks. More work on logging social data.

Testnet node operations:

  1. Looking into a few critical issues that are causing nodes to stall:
  • There is a race condition that causes nodes to stop syncing and get stuck, we have a PR that’s already implemented & being reviewed, will be merged soon.
  • There might be other race conditions impacting syncing & gossip…

Testnet running stable with over 800 nodes registered, more work on tracking and logging social data.

Node syncing:

Working on making node synching faster by fixing the PBFT proposal blocks:

  • Enabled an exponential backoff for advanced steps in PBFT, tested the reboot consensus nodes: when nodes get partition and fail to reach consensus, the exponential backoff can extend voting speed. After exceeding the maximum steps, the extended sleep…

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