As we’re getting closer to the testnet launch, final work is being done on node syncing and network security. The testnet has been running stable for 1.5 weeks, we experienced minor problems due to excessive logging nodes running out of disk space but were able to fix it by auto-trimming those logs. We now have 26 nodes total run by the community — you can go check the block explorer here.

Node syncing:

  1. Fixed the intermittently failing unit test NetworkTest.pbft_next_votes_sync_in_behind_round
  2. WIP: rewriting the vote manager verified votes table for improving performance.

Marinate’s open API:

On the application side, we’re…

In line with our recently updated vision statement, we start exploring how Taraxa’s audit logging of informal, off-chain transactions can benefit online and crypto communities by adding substantive metrics to online identity and reputation.

Lending and borrowing of crypto-assets have so far been a key function in DeFi. With the rise of collateralized lending, the non-collateralized sector has largely been left unattended, which presents a huge missing link in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. The biggest challenge here is the lack of reputation mechanisms to provide a proper level of security to non-collateralized loans. …

Learn how AccuGroup uses Marinate to add visibility and accountability up and down the auto parts supply chain.

The automotive supply chain for manufacturing cars, trucks, and other vehicles is one of the most complex in the world. Hence, quality assurance and certification in the auto parts supply chain require heightened vigilance and transparency to ensure that safety and quality standards aren’t compromised.

The biggest challenge of the auto parts supply chain.

The increasing complexity of the global supply chain poses new challenges to auto part makers. Poor visibility and quality management rank highest among the top-20 supply chain risks mentioned by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). …

Testnet node scaling, Marinate’s API, and Telegram integration.

As we’re approaching the official testnet launch, we keep polishing up the node syncing and network security. On the application side, we’re now in the process of re-writing Marinate’s UI and building out an open API to allow for integrations with popular messenger platforms, with Telegram being our first target here.

Node syncing:

  1. As malicious players could propose a PBFT block that includes a bogus DAG anchor, PBFT could get…

In line with our recently updated vision statement, we start exploring how Taraxa’s audit logging of informal, off-chain transactions can benefit online and crypto communities by adding substantive metrics to online identity and reputation.

How do you build a reputation online?

Online reputation today is full of inconsistencies and black holes: with tons of social media metrics to track, major social media platforms share very little data on real user engagement, with poor data visibility and ad fraud only mounting year after year. …

We’ve updated the Roadmap to reflect the latest developments in Taraxa testnet and application building, as well as the community-focused activities.

You can find the updated Roadmap at

We compiled the target milestones for Q3/Q4 with our latest achievements and tasks currently in progress, dividing them into three distinct categories: Ledger, Application, and Community. This is a work-in-progress file that will be periodically updated to keep pace with the ongoing work.


We get asked this a lot, so here’s a detailed explanation of the problem we’re solving, our tech and approach to building applications.

Purpose-built for audit logging of informal transactions.

In our hyper-connected world, individuals and businesses remain vulnerable to the confusion associated with off-chain data and informal daily agreements between buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, clients and contractors, companies and employees. At the same time, even with today’s abundance of messengers and collaboration suites, there’s still no handy way to keep track of everyday dealings that happen every day through talking, calling, and texting — from trivial pay-upon receipt services, or property relations to auto repairs, employment relations, or simply signing off on an invoice. …

Steven answers community questions in this quick recap of our recent AMA sessions!

1. What problem is Taraxa trying to solve?

By tracking informal transactions, we make them highly trustworthy, which gives businesses a lot of short-term, operational value — minimizing confusion, disputes, and making better decisions faster. In the longer term, there is also a huge financial value. These informal transactions form the basis of a reputation because it shows who you’re working with and collaborating with, it reflects REAL and verifiable work and interactions that are impossible to fake. Why does reputation matter? Because a huge part of the financial system is based on reputation.

Today if you go to a bank and try to get a loan, the…

More work on node scaling and Telegram integration!

Scaling node operation:

  • Fixed the performance issue getDagBlockOrder called twice when pushing a PBFT block into the chain.
  • Performance improvement: Fixed conflicts and merged PR891 and PR892(save and broadcast 2t+1 votes) into the dev branch.
  • Debugged and investigated the testnet finalization stalled issue due to boot node1 having some missing DAG blocks. Boot node1 was sending the syncing request for unfinalized DAG blocks but was getting the empty list from the response.

Marinate’s open API + Telegram integration:

  • Adapted model parameters to the user endpoints.
  • More changes to Person/Service…

Calling all the devs to help us write scrips! Win 100,000 $TARA!

Our first testnet bounty is here for you guys to help us pre-test the network and get ready for the main launch. We want to make it simple for anyone to run a Taraxa node. To do that, we need to have scripts for all major cloud platforms, since the majority of users will be using those to set up a node and produce blocks, competing for the testnet rewards. If you’re familiar with Bash, you can write a script for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, or any other platform popular in your region.

How to participate:

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